Samson a Rottweiler (TTO Surgery to Right Leg)

Samson has just finished his course of 10 sessions after having TTO surgery on his ruptured cruciate ligament. He’s a bit of an old pro at this given that he’d had surgery on the other leg 5 years ago. He did go for hydrotherapy (not with Mark) after his first op but never really enjoyed the swimming at all.

I was apprehensive about how he’d get on this time but Mark was so patient with him and got in the pool with him; this was a huge change from our previous experience. After Samson’s first session he absolutely loved it! In fact he loved it so much that his teeth would chatter with excitement as we were approaching every Tuesday night! He loved (too much!!!) chasing after the tennis ball in the pool and soon got the idea that if he held on to it, he wouldn’t have to work so hard to chase it again!! (Mark did have that one covered in the end, hanging on to the ball until his last swim of the session!)

Samson soon started using his leg properly and was pushing out using his full extended leg by halfway through his course. His fitness is great now and his walking, trotting (and I’ve just let him run in the last week) is wonderful. You wouldn’t tell that there’d been anything wrong with him.

Mark works incredibly hard and has the ability to make your dog feel like he’s the only one he sees. Samson adored being towel dried after his session and the compulsory biscuit when he’d finished. He will miss his swimming sessions now and I fully expect him to be waiting at the front door next Tuesday night with his arm bands and swimming goggles ready to go!

We’d highly recommend Mark for his effective, friendly and patient approach.

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