Dylan a Dalmatian (Peripheral Neuropathy)

Our 11 y.o. Dalmatian Dylan was referred to Mark after receiving a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy, an inflammatory condition causing weakness and lack of co-ordination in his back legs. In addition, Dylan had been suffering from an underactive thyroid, which had also contributed to his muscle weakness.

Mark has a wonderfully gentle way with dogs, and won Dylan’s trust right from the start. Dylan loved the water. Starting with very short sessions of a minute or two at a time, with rests in between, Mark gradually built up the amount of time Dylan was swimming, gently helping him to extend his weak back legs and to get the muscles working. Swimming was the only form of exercise in which these muscles can be fully extended, and we saw a big improvement within only a few weeks. Neuropathy can be a difficult condition to treat, but the swimming was hugely beneficial and it was not long before Dylan was considerably stronger in his back legs, and had better control over them.

Mark is 100% dedicated to helping the dogs referred to him, and I would recommend Holmarsh to anyone, whether to treat an injury or illness, or just for your dog to have fun and healthy exercise in the water.

Thank you Mark for all you have done for Dylan.

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