Honey a Cairn Terrier (Cruciate Ligament Tear)

Honey tore a rear leg cruciate ligament 8 years ago and received surgery for it which ” did the job” but not without a great deal of trauma to all concerned! She approaches 11 years this autumn, and tore the other back cruciate earlier on in the year., for which she was again about to undergo surgery… until we heard about Mark! The surgery was postponed and she underwent a series of therapy sessions with him. It was obvious from the start that he had an incredible way with the dogs and she worshipped him. She is now back to her old self, with newly grown muscle around the tear enabling her to lead her usual very active Cairn life! She is definitely suffering from withdrawal symptoms and we shall be back to “top up” her strength! Can’t recommend this service enough! Thankyou, Mark!

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