Dasie a Labrador Cross (Cruciate Ligament Tear)

My lab cross Daisy tore her ligament in December 2009. She underwent surgery to repair it and I was concerned that she may not make a good recovery as she was 11 years old at the time. The vet who operated warned that it would be a long healing process and recommended hydrotherapy. She gave me Mark’s details and I arranged an appointment as soon as I could. The snow in January made it difficult to get there but as soon as we could me and Daisy turned up to be greeted by a cheerful, reassuring Mark. He looked after Daisy well and it wasn’t too long before we could drop our sessions to once a fortnight. Daisy had maintenance swims for approx 18 months in total. Daisy was an old lady and often could be stubborn but Mark was always able to adapt and and even coax her to perform in the pool. Thank you Mark

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