Tally the Labrador (Lameness / Cruciate Damage)

We first went to Mark to build Tally’s muscle in a rear leg following months of lameness,(key hole investigation showed cruciate damage) in the hope that this would be enough so that major surgery would not be needed .
Tally enjoyed his swims from day one and was fairly chilled , and quite lazy but Mark was able to encourage “work” with being in the water with him and the water jets.
Mark monitored Tally’s condition well and when improvement was slower than expected he advised us to return to the vets.His cruciate ligament had worsened inspite of the therapy.Mark was great in reassuring me when I was worried about consenting to the surgery. He was proved right the surgery has been successful and Tally got the opportunity to swim again with Mark, this time there were no false starts and he completed his therapy and continues to make good progress. We all miss our trips to Mark.
Thank you

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