Rosa a Belgian Shepherd

This canine hydrotherapy is excellent. I cannot praise it enough. Mark is wonderful with my dog, very patient. Rosa is a Belgian Shepherd rescue, not the easiest of dogs to handle as she is very nervous. But, with Mark’s endeavours over the last, possibly two years??? Rosa has gained in confidence and absolutely loves the water now. She is a good swimmer. Her body is really getting the benefit of this treatment. I asked my vet if he would recommend hydrotherapy for Rosa, as a preventative or delaying measure against hip dysplasia or arthritis, both of which are conditions which Shepherds can get. He said it was an unusual request but he had no problem with recommending it for her. I have never looked back. She is a very healthy dog and loves her football exercises which we do with her in our locality. She moves easily, passes, tackles, dribbles and loads of other techniques. This is mostly due to the care and attention which Mark has given her. She trusts Mark and gets really excited each time we approach his premises in our car. KS

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